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In-processing Graffixx's Staff Applications


User name: Graffixx

Minecraft Name Graffixx

Age 26

Timezone CST

Rank Member

Prior Moderation Experience? I host most servers I play, so I'm the head of staff for most of them.

Activity About a month, though I took a break to deal with real life things.

Most active server Fort Teck, and Teck's old base.

Advice I mean, as I'm the old one here (Unless Jimmy has me beat at 26) It's to be patient with people, do not rush them, and always be open to their considerations.

Discord Yes

Recordings Yes

Number of Applications For this server? 0. For other servers? 1-2 because I host most of the servers I play on.

How did you find this server? Slimefun Discord

Comments Other than I wish anybody else who makes an application luck, no.
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