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Jobs and golems


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So one of the biggest issues I've had is the jobs. It takes forever to level anything up. I've been a warrior since they were put in, and I'm about level 18 yet I'm almost level 1000 with swords. It doesn't make sense, and there's no bonuses for any of the jobs that I've seen anyway / jobs bonus warrior still shows no signs of any bonuses.

There's also nothing I see that pays for placing dirt, "digger" claims to pay for terraforming the land, but it pays nothing for placing the dirt. Example my fort I dug up and placed so much dirt, that's terraforming.

Fisher: I like them I think they're great, besides mr Fisher. The Fisher catches just fish nothing else, and you can only sell one of the fish he catches back to the store. No one needs a double chest of puffer fish they can't use.

Miner: he's cool for the lazy miner. In the prospect of slimefun his upgraded form is pointless, he smelts everything. You can't use the cobble or grind anything down to dust kind of a problem, but not really. Only to the slimefun players who want to upgrade them.

Besides the fact that no matter how many slayers you place the mobs won't die any faster. Which isn't a bad thing just inconvenient to me lol. If anything nuke their xp, a single slayer with a single spawner can net you 30 levels in a matter of 5 minutes.