Special Event Festive Towns Contest!
Do you have an amazing town that you can decorate for the holidays? Go ahead and leave your town name down below and decorate it for the most wonderful time of the year for the chance to get your town recognized here on the forums! We will be picking the most festive town on December 23rd so get to decorating!

KitPVP has been reset!
Type /pvp to join!


Here are some recent changes that have taken place on the server! I am hoping to make this a regular thing to keep everyone updated on BTS happenings.
  • Nova Donor /PV's should be fixed
  • Catapult furniture has been disabled across all servers due to a glitch
  • Towny spawn enderpearls have been disabled due to a glitch
  • Nova Drills, and 3x3 pickaxes are broken at the moment due to an issue with our Anti-Cheat. We're waiting on a fix for that, thanks for your patience!
  • The server now supports 1.12.x clients. We now overall support 1.8.x to 1.12.x. Note: You may login with 1.12 clients, but none of the server-side 1.12 features (blocks, mobs, etc) will work until we do a full update. Thanks for your patience!
Until next time!
- Furq