Hello again Blockville! The Easter Wither Patch is in full effect!
Here are some changes:
  1. Disguised players originally did not take damage from mobs, that is now fixed.
  2. Added a withers nest map!
  3. Fixed Disguises and Spark Trails
  4. Fixed issues with Towny regarding town withdrawals
  5. Added a spawner seller to /warp rareshop
  6. Made major changes to how voting works! Check it out: http://www.blockville.net/wiki/vote/
A big thanks goes out to Cookie_Monstr for his help in building the Withers Nest!
Minor Patch 1.0.3!
You can share your thoughts about this update in the comments section!
  1. Tier 7: No-Fall/No-Drown damage removed due to popular request.
  2. Tier 7: Added ability to make [SCS] signs for commands.
    1. Place a sign down.
    2. Put [SCS] on the first line with the brackets.
    3. Put a /command on any of the other lines to issue that command
    4. TIP: This is great for Town mayors who want to make people join their open towns without needing to have them type a command!
  3. Pigman Bounty Nerfed from c28 to c15 per pigman.
  4. Login methods adjusted to prevent players from spawning into the ground.
Disguising and Spark Trails are still not working. We're waiting on an update from the developers.

A graveyard behind Gooshis's house! :D

New Chat Rules from Friday.
We will be using a new channel chat system for BlockVille starting midnight on Friday.
Here is an explanation of how channels work:


Major Server 1.0.2 Patch

Goooood morning Blockville! There have been a tonne/ton of additions onto the server, so without further a do, here is the complete list of changes that have taken place so you know!

Major Additions
  • Tier 10+ can now Silk Touch spawners! Yes! That means you can move spawners to where you want!
  • Towns can now claim land and outposts in the Nether!
  • Nether lava and fire damage has been disabled.
  • All 1.5 items can now be safely used, that includes hoppers, redstone blocks, comparators and more!
  • We used to have old /pe new <message> system to get in touch with staff, but now we have /modreq <message> system which is easier for you to use, and us to look at, so we can cut down the time needed to fulfill your needs!
  • You can now sell Nether Quartz at the pawn shop at /warp sell
  • You can now set your avatar on the website to your Minecraft Skin! You can change your avatar from your profile page.
  • Fully integrated our teamspeak server on the minecraft server! Now you can tell when someone connects or disconnects from our teamspeak server! To learn how to set up your own teamspeak, click here to go to the wiki: Learn to set up Teamspeak!
  • New Commands!An updated staff list of the server can now be found here: Click here for staff list
    • /dynmap hide (Hides you from the dynamic map at map.blockville.net)
    • /ts list (See a list of people in our TeamSpeak server)
    • /ts poke <player> (Poke a player on our TeamSpeak server)
    • /ts mute (Mute the teamspeak join/leave announcements on the server)
Minor Additions
  • Server now fully updated to 1.5
  • Website software updated from Xenforo 1.0.3 to 1.1.x
  • Server chat was tweaked a little bit to make it more readable for staff and players. Yay for nicer looking chat! :D
  • The Skylands spawn was updated and we've added quartz traders as well.
  • Dynmap is now fully fixed and works with Craftbukkit 1.5
  • The Wiki has been completely redone to make it easier to read! See it here for more information. We've also added some more Wiki pages for Teamspeak.
  • Added Sponge and Commander ranks to the donor page. Have yet to add more perks for the high-end donor ranks.
  • Overhauled website design and background. Yay for nicer looking website!
If you guys want to leave feedback/comments/questions, just post a response in this thread and I will look into it!

- Furq

Tier Prices Slashed! Again!

The staff, after a long, tedious process, have decided to slash the prices of all tiers to fit in better with the new economic system of pawning, killing mobs, selling XP and auctioning.

According to some players, the new system was making them only one third of the money they were able to make with jobs, so we've decided to cut prices of the highest tiers by about 50% (They seemed a little overpriced) and price of lower tiers by about 10-20% to encourage players to tier up and earn more credits!

We want you to note that these prices may be temporary, if we have undercut too much, we will consider raising the prices.

We hope you enjoy these price changes, and let us know in the posts below if you have any questions or comments about the new system!
Patch 1.0.1 Ascension Updates

Here is a complete list of changes made on the server for those who are still unsure.
  • Removed MC Jobs - Outdated/Dysfunctional Plugin
  • Added Item Based Economy - You can sell an assortment of blocks, potions, mob drops and EXP at /warp pawn to earn more moolah
  • Discounted Tier 1 - 3 For 1 week at 50% off - Ends 13th March 2013
  • Added more perks to Tier 7, Tier 9 and Tier 10
  • Fixed major dupe glitch with Cooking Pots and Renamed Items
    • If you have duped items using this method, or know someone who used this method of dupeing, contact a staffmember immediately and you *may* be rewarded!
  • Made /fix hand consume 2 diamonds c150, and /fix all...

Jobs on BlockVille,
Why they were removed

BlockVille is first and foremost an economy based Towny Server with a survival aspect. Jobs were originally the primary source of making income and I understand that a lot of you leveled up in jobs, but were unable to reap the benefits of those levels once the plugin was removed.

This was an important step for the following important reason:
  • MC Jobs is outdated, proprietary, and already causing issues for a multitude of servers in terms of certain features not working properly.
  • Jobs resulted in a lot of server activity which is not conducive to survival. Many players resorted to making giant hollow towers out of stone brick just to make a few thousand credits, which is an incredible eyesore and not needed at all
I am open to any suggestions you may have to improve your chances of making more money, but the server will not stop at the removal of jobs and more creative ways of making money are as simple as looking for a better feature or proposing better ideas.

Edited by Vegas2k

Welcome to the SkyLands!​

The SkyLands Ascensions Patch is now in effect! Some new features at a glance:
  • New Tiers! Tier 9 to Tier 12 added!
  • New Ranks! 20 more tier ranks added!
  • New Donor Ranks! 2 new donor ranks added. Sponge and Commander
  • Newer Spark Trail Effects and Magic Spells Added for newer tiers
  • SkyLands world added! You can claim outposts/towns in this world! All server rules still apply to that world.
Credits go to MysteryDriver, JGDecimus, Kyetan,and all the staff for being actively involved in the SkyLands Patch Update!

If you have any questions of comments, let us know below!