We've decided to lower the durabilities of Obsidian, Enchantment Tables, Enderchests, and Anvils on the Factions (Warforge) server! The old durabilities were for the OP Factions server, and since TNT is harder to come by, we've decided to lower the durabilities.

Credit: @Hawkeye

Here are the new durabilities:
  • Obsidian: 4 TNT Hits
  • Enchantment Table: 2 TNT Hits
  • Enderchest: 3 TNT Hits
  • Anvil: 3 TNT Hits

A relaxing hillside retreat...
Craftable Decorations and Furniture!
Announcement New server name!

It's a new day for Blockvi... uh, MelonMC!

Yes, yes, yes! Our server will from here on, be called MelonMC! We understand it'll take a little getting used to. Also, our Blockville IP's/Addresses will remain online until September 2016, but you can connect using melonmc.net right now!

Comments? We know you'll have some. Leave them down below!
- Furq​
Melon Insider TNT Grief Party...
Do you like griefing?
Do you like to use TNT?
Do you like to blow stuff up?

Join us for the explosive TNT Grief party before we reset the server!
Use /kit tnt to spawn in TNT at 3pm US CST on Friday on the Survival (Towny) Server!

Announcement Minecraft 1.9.4
This is just an announcement that Blockville will be updated to 1.9.4 at the time of the reset! So prepare your Minecraft clients and update to 1.9.4 to play!

1.9.4 comes with some notable changes for your client (and the server, but its nothing fancy):
  • Improved memory usage of the pathfinder
  • Performance of the chunk cache improved
  • Use less memory for biome caching
  • Several tweaks to the AI
  • Tweaks to the Realms
  • Added /stopsound command
Hope you're looking forward to the reset!
Happy crafting!

Mo' Titans, Mo' Problems, Mo' Loot
Spawnable Titan (Boss Mobs) for epic loot!

Play Skytopia all night to get lucky!
New public SkyBlock (Skytopia) mine with lucky blocks!

Be the savior of your faction by imbuing your weapons & armor with magical powers!
59 New Warforge Runes!

What will you call home?
New server names!

Are you a good wizard or an evil witch? Are you a good witch or an evil wizard?
Cast good and evil Magic Spell scrolls!